Dear Patricia:

It was so good to see you both again. Benn & I were saying that you are truly gifts from God to us. About our wine tasting party; Benn & I had wanted to do this for quite some time and finally decided on October 22.
We decided we would do a blind tasting of Sangiovese, our favorite red, so we invited 3 couples and asked them each to bring a bottle. Benn uncorked them and put them in wine bags then I came in and labled them all with numbers. No one knew which was which. We gave everyone score cards with room for comments. We had four bottles; Prosser; California; two from Walla Walla, and Vine Heart.

After the scores were tallied, Vine Heart was our winner!!! Walla Walla was 2, California 3, and the other Prosser 4. I must tell you that I knew when I tasted it that it was yours. It was magic! That is the only word that describes how it made me feel.

Again, it was wonderful seeing you both again. You are such generous, genuine, beautiful hearted people; and we are so fortunate to have you in our lives. We love you!

From: "Vicki Warden"

We live in Idaho Falls, ID and tonight some friends of ours and acquaintances of yours brought us a bottle of your Syrah and Chardonnay; Jim and Lorraine Cuddihy. We had the Syrah with appetizers and Chardonnay with steelhead for dinner. Wanted to let you know we enjoyed them immensely. We moved to Idaho from the Tri-Cities 16 years ago and have always enjoyed the Washington wine country.

You guys go a very nice job.



Hi George.
We enjoyed visiting with you when we were at your tasting room on June 16th. We had your Sebastian with our meal yesterday, and it was wonderful. We went to our favorite restaurant here in Kalispell (Cafe Max) the other night, and the owner asked us about our wine-tasting trip. She wanted to know if we had discovered any new wineries that we liked, and we told her about your vineyard, and that you occasionally come to Kalispell. In the fall and winter months, they sometimes have a special night where they feature wines from a single vineyard, and she asked us if you might be interested in presenting your wines on one of those nights. We said that you might, and we gave her your website address. Keep your eyes peeled for an email from her. I hope you take her up on it, those evenings are very interesting and enjoyable. Her name is Vonny Day. She and her husband Doug (who is the chef) opened their restaurant several years ago, and it is the best dining in the valley! Again, we enjoyed visiting with you and tasting your wines. Please let us know when you are coming to Kalispell, and we'll order some more of your
wonderful wines.
Thanks again

Don McAdam

We visited your winery during the Spring Barrel Tasting and we are spreading the word! When & Where can we purchase VineHeart west of the mountains?
Connie Russell
Sumner WA
Answer:  Our wines can be purchased at the Tasting Room only, so stop by and visit.
We have a couple friends heading your direction this weekend and are interested in having them pick up a couple bottles of the Sangiovese if you have any left. We can't remember how much they were--could you send me the price for this so we can send them with $$. :)

We had some people in the winery a couple months ago and they talked of using red, as in Cab or others to fry eggs. For two months crazy was in my thoughts, but this morning, we had red wine eggs. Wow! Except for the color of the eggs. Teflon skillet, Pam and two tablespoons of wine. Strange combination, but Yummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!! Now we'll have to try whites too.
George Schneider, Winemaker
P.S.  Tasted eggs with Philomena Rose, not exciting, stick with the red wines.

We ship our wine within the State of Washington only.  Please call us at the winery for more information and costs.
Thank you.